Tuesday, November 10, 2015


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So since moving to new york I've been hitting the thrift stores hard in hope of finding some interesting items, and so far I am very impressed! The outfit I am wearing in this post is entirely thrifted pieces!

Lets go through the outfit;

Coat - vintage Baby Phat. It's actually real rabbit fur and leather. Now I don't agree with real fur and I probably wouldn't buy real fur brand new, but since this is an old piece, I'm less bothered about it.
It's also in amazing condition! I really don't want to part with this babe of a coat!

Sweater - A gorgeous yellow mustard color, which makes the blue coat pop! Loving this color at the moment. Think it might be my fave fall color.

Skirt - This is vintage Guess Jeans, it has a smiley face and some plant like sketches on it, which are actually part of the design! So cool. This is for sale on my depop shop ( search @nofakes) 

Boots - vintage steve madden, they have a kinda 70s/90s feel to them with the chunky stacked heel and square toe. I love these! They are in absolutely perfect condition for saying they are vintage. These are also for sale on my depop store. So please feel free to check it out!

I'm really happy I'm settled into my new place and I can't wait to start posting up outfits again!

Feels like its been a while!!


Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Hello New York!

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So again, I haven't been on here in a while.. I've been extremely busy filling out paperwork and making trips to the embassy because I got a job offer in NYC! I transferred with the company I already work for (Global Brands Group) And I am still designing fun kidswear!
It wasn't easy getting here, I cannot tell you how many application forms I've had to fill in.
But now I'm here and so far its definitely been worth it!

I've been here for 1 month now, found my own place in north manhattan and slowly starting to settle in!

Just thought I'd share this exciting move with you all! I can't wait to start posting outfits up again in my new scenery!

He'res a few pictures of my month here so far...

View from my temp apartment

New Sweater from a thrift store
Spelt my name wrong.... 'Tricksy'

 Hamilton Heights in Upper Manhattan is a lovely area.

Park Ave

Found a pumpkin! Its Massive!

My new area, Dyckman, Inwood

 My Halloween Costume! Cruella Deville

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Patricia Eve

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Hi Everyone

I've been away for a while!
I've actually been on a holiday for a bit of sunshine and relaxing!
Before I went on holiday I was given some beachwear courtesy of Patricia Eve to review

Firstly this gorgeous bikini by David swimwear, with a abstract print and stud detail, I absolutely loved wearing this - I actually wore it for a pool party! Its a really great fit and the fabric is really soft and comfortable.

Secondly this kaftan by Iconique beachwear. Really lightweight and cool to wear in the heat, great cover upo for around the pool or beach and can be glammed up at night with heels, clutch and statement jewellery.

These items are stocked in various shops and boutiques in the UK and can be found on the Patricia Eve website

Saturday, June 13, 2015


Hi everyone
I have been SO busy lately I haven't had much time at all to blog.
Wahh so annoying feel like i have neglected my blog :/
Anyway i'm going to try and post at least once a week!

So a few months back I decided to get my friend to do me some box braids
Thought I'd upload some pics to see what you think.
I LOVED having them, they are just quite hard to maintain.
I sprayed them with this coconut moisture spray which I picked up from boots
I also wrapped them up at night to try keep them neat.
I ended up taking them out after about 3 weeks. But I'm planning on getting them done again soon
They took my friend 8 hours to do but she's never even done them before!! Good effort if you ask me

Thursday, April 09, 2015


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Haven't posted on here in a while now so its about time....
Every few months I get together with 2 awesome bloggers (cassy & sian) and we decide a theme for an outfit post which we all do
This months theme is PASTEL.....
Since its spring we thought it would be a nice fresh palette to work with.
So here are the outfits we came  up with!
Oh and one thing i have to say is I don't have a fringe... wahh, i got my hair braided, BUT I can re assure you the fringe will be back soon ;)

I love how casey styled this look with them awesome Miista shoes! 
MEGA shoe envy right there
Party rings look quite delicious too ;)

Love this clean look by Sian with pastel pinks and white.
Little yellow colour pop with the bag and a splash of metallic with the shoes

My look:

Lilac sweat: Vintage & available to buy on depot NOW ..search @nofakes
Skirt: small cheap shop in derby city centre
Trainers: Asics Gel lyte 3 snowflake

Hopefully we've managed to inspire you guys! LET US KNOW xxx